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I came from a long history of what I thought was healthy. I ate a low calorie, whole foods diet with a focus of veggies, fiber, lean meat, and healthy carbs thinking I was doing the best for my health. I also worked out 5 times a week. I did a 21 day fix, weight watchers, south beach diet and all of those diets have the exact same thing in common...Caloric restriction. Sure you may lose weight initially after lowering your calories but it will also lower your metabolism and you plateau. It doesn't address your hormones that dictate if you store or burn fat.  This is why counting calories is not sustainable and you will gain the weight back. 

 It made all the difference focusing on nutrient density, eating high fat and high protein, not counting calories for weight loss.  

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When it comes to health, fat loss and nutrition there are so many myths. Fat doesn't make you fat. It's not necessary to eat every 2-3 hours to keep metabolism up. I will help you navigate through common yet incorrect advice. It is not as simple as calories in and calories out for fat loss. There is so much more to the picture like hormones that dictate if you store or burn body fat and the nutrient density of food . 100 calories of beans are not equivalent to 100 calories of steak when it comes to how the body interprets it.  Give the body the right environment to burn and lose fat.

Program options

---- Get buff basics ebook----
This ebook focuses on a whole body approach to fat loss and optimal health. This animal based approach explains the difference of why nutrient density and hormones have more to do with fat loss than calories. Topics include the best approach to a keto or carnivore diet, nutrient density, meal timing, macros, fasting, digestion, blood sugar, healthy fats, mineral balance, hydration, sleep, stress and exercise and other tips for fat loss. 

---- Personalized health assessment----
Get a personalized health, nutrition and symptom analysis for your specific goals and concerns.. Review your full health history, a 3 day food journal of exactly what you are eating, and a root cause health analysis for your symptoms. You will receive personalized recommendations according to your goals around nutrition, macros, hydration, lifestyle, sleep, movement, and supplements. Includes 1 hour 1-1 Nutritional therapy session.

**** Additional 1-1 nutritional sessions available after a personalized assessment

---- Personalized health assessment & follow up visits----
Get a personalized health, nutritional and symptom analysis for your specific goals and concerns. Packages of 3 or 6 sessions. Review your full health history, a 3 day food journal of exactly what you are eating, and a root cause health analysis for your symptoms. Unlimited text or email support in between sessions to help and support you make nutrition and lifestyle changes. 


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Sarah has been wonderful to work with on my nutritional journey. Her questions are incredibly detailed and her responses are well-researched. She explores all aspects of your life from sleep patterns, food intake, sunlight exposure, and even poop! She is easy to talk to and has great response time. When questions come up, she is there with well thought out answers. My plan feels very individualized and Sarah is able to work with what I am willing (and not willing) to do. I am grateful for her knowledge and guidance on this change of lifestyle adventure.

- Lisa L

When eating clean was no longer working for me and weight started to creep up I was lost! Sarah was a blessing, she helped me chose quality food choices and shared nutritional information in such a caring and reassuring way. Sarah will help you to see the bigger picture when it comes to a true balance body. I never felt judged or pressured with any of her recommendations You'll finish feeling healthier both mind and body!  

- Irene f


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Did you try to eat less and move more with no success? Or maybe it worked initially but then you have been struggling. Let me help you debunk common misconceptions when it comes to fat loss.  

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