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I thought the best way to be healthy and lean was to eat less and move more. I was wrong. Let me help you to not make the same mistakes that I did.  

I came from a long history of what I thought was healthy. I ate a low calorie, low fat diet with a focus of veggies & lean meat thinking I was doing the best for my health. I also worked out 5 times a week for maximum calorie burn while eating every few hours. This is all the mainstream advice. Caloric restriction is not healthy. Eating clean doesn't mean it's healthy.  You may lose weight lowering your calories, but then will plateau unless you go even lower and then develop other health issues. We need enough healthy fat and protein.

Restricting calories will only work for so long until other problems will arise. I lost my cycle. I lost hair. I had acne, thyroid and digestive issues.   I understand now that I didn't understand the full picture when it came to food. After gaining and losing the same amount of weight, my health was not where it should be. My body composition was still holding. onto body fat. I finally found the best approach to prioritize the best foods while addressing how our hormones work to be able to burn body fat and not store it.    As an NTP, I want to help others achieve their optimal health with a food first,  whole body approach to nutrition. 

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What is a holistic approach? 
As an NTP, I use a food first, whole body, approach to nutrition based on how your body works. The key is to prioritize nutrient density, not calories, for optimal health with an ancestral, animal based approach.  Our bodies need to function optimally to get the best results.  The foundations we address together include a nutrient dense diet, digestion, blood sugar, fatty acids, mineral balance and hydration. Lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, environment, circadian rhythm, and exercise are also discussed.

A holistic approach is different than working with a registered dietitian that has training based off the food pyramid which is the same bad advice for everyone.  I work with clients based on. a more natural, ancestral approach. A traditional low calorie approach to health is not how our bodies operate. There is no calculator to tell you what you need  The body is smart and will adapt to you feeding it less.  You can lower metabolism and down regulate other body processes. There’s so much more involved than calories when it comes to weight and health. 

 We will explore the nutrient density of your food. Not all foods are created equal even if calories are the same. You will be hungry if you’re only focusing on high volume filler foods like salads that have less nutrition. Hormones like insulin will keep the body storing fat, and it needs to come down to be able to burn body fat. People are often over fed but under nourished, so hunger continues when hormones can't communicate.

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I found the optimal diet for me which is a carnivore diet. Carnivore is meat only elimination approach and a zero carbohydrate diet. It has helped me achieve my best health with regard to achieving body recomposition, healing auto immune symptoms, hormonal imbalances, gut problems. hair breakage and hair loss.  I specialize in helping those looking for help on a carnivore, ketogenic and low carb diet. 

There are no essential carbohydrates that we require as humans for life. Our body is able to make those from fat and protein. There are though so many variations as to what a ketogenic, or low carbohydrate diet actually means. Let me be the second set of eyes to help you navigate you finding your best health and optimal nutrition.

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