mind, body, muscle connection

Neuro reset technique

Neuro reset technique

reset weakness and tightness 

improve muscle engagement

treat the root cause of your symptoms

Neuro reset technique
 virtual session

Neuro rest technique
live session

3 pack NRT sessions

1 Virtual NRT session

In person NRT Session

3 Live Neuro Reset Technique sessions




 optimize muscle function and engagement

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 If you have tried chiropractic and massage with only temporary relief, try neuro reset technique for lasting improvements. 

neuro reset technique is a rare form of muscular therapy that works with the brain and the nervous system to restore and optimize muscle function.  Reset the mind-muscle connection to improve strength, mobility, control,  range of motion, weakness, and muscle engagement instantly with lasting results.

Assess the body from a neuromuscular level and treat the root cause of your health problem. Improve nervous system health via the physical body as well as the mind body connection.

Sarah has been wonderful to work with on my nutritional journey. Her questions are incredibly detailed and her responses are well-researched. She explores all aspects of your life from sleep patterns, food intake, sunlight exposure, and even poop! She is easy to talk to and has great response time. When questions come up, she is there with well thought out answers. My plan feels very individualized and Sarah is able to work with what I am willing (and not willing) to do. I am grateful for her knowledge and guidance on this change of lifestyle adventure.

- Lisa L

When eating clean was no longer working for me and weight started to creep up I was lost! Sarah was a blessing, she helped me chose quality food choices and shared nutritional information in such a caring and reassuring way. Sarah will help you to see the bigger picture when it comes to a true balance body. I never felt judged or pressured with any of her recommendations You'll finish feeling healthier both mind and body!  

- Irene f


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